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Our Services

Initial / Regular Session Information:
All new clients will need to fill out the intake form and consent form prior to the first session.  All sessions will be 50 minutes unless otherwise stated by the therapist. During the intake session, therapists will evaluate the nature of personal needs and difficulties, discovering goals for therapy, and recommending the course of counseling.  Initial sessions for children are to be attended with an adult who is the legal guardian of the child.

Christian Counseling Assistance Program (CCAP):
The A&M Christian Counseling Center offers local churches the opportunity to assist their church members with counseling by paying in part or whole for their treatment.  

Fee Policy:
The fees are based on a sliding scale according to family income.  This Counseling Center is committed to providing a safe and loving environment where every person receives the treatment they need at a price they can afford.

Legally and ethically, the relationship between therapist and client is a confidential nature.  This means that the therapist without the client’s written consent cannot divulge any and all information, which is given to the therapist during any session.  However, in the event that a clear and present danger of physical harm to the client and/or others becomes apparent, child abuse or elderly abuse then therapist is legally and ethically required to inform those who have a direct need to know.

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