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Premarital Counseling

Start your marriage on the right track!  The A&M Christian Counseling Center counselors offer comprehensive premarriage counseling that is designed to prepare couples for important aspects of marriage.  Thorough testing helps couples to identify areas where they are vulnerable to future discord.  In premarital therapy, couples cultivate important relationship skills including healthy communication and conflict resolution.  We seek to equip couples with the skills that they will need to establish and preserve a satisfying marriage that will stand the test of time.  Professional research demonstrates that premarriage counseling has significant effects on both long-term (lower divorce rates) and short-term outcomes (decreased marital conflict).

We offer individual couples counseling year round.    The sessions cover communication, conflict resolution, family-of-origin (what I learned about marriage growing up), marriage & sex, finances, being a Godly husband/wife, and intimacy God’s way.  In premarital counseling you will learn practical Godly ways to approach each subject.

For more information or to schedule an appointment,

please call 979-703-1808 or email

The A&M Christian Counseling Center is an approved Twogether in Texas Center.  You will receive a certificate at the end of 8 hours of premarital counseling good for $60.00 towards your marriage license.

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