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Eating Disorder Group

This ten week journey designed to encourage those with an eating disorder, food addiction, or unhealthy relationship with food (dysfunctional eating) to recognize and rely on Jesus Christ as the Deliverer who brings Truth, constant unconditional love and the strength to overcome. 

The intent is to expose personal beliefs and rules related to eating disorders and an unhealthy relationship with food, confront these beliefs with God’s Truth, and equip participants with tools to make progression in their journey of healing with Jesus Christ. We will do this through weekly discussion-based gatherings where we will address specific thoughts or behaviors, present scripture, assign homework and share applicable tools for the week. We recognize recovery is a process that takes time and strongly encourage participants to commit to this ten week journey.

Meeting Location: A&M Church of Christ Conference Room

Contact: Karen Beathard – 979-220-2281 or

Bible classes will be available for children of participants during the meeting time

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