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Restoring Hearts Support Group

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Restoring Hearts Support Group Restoring Hearts Support Group

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Al-Anon Support Group Al-Anon Support Group


Welcome to the A & M Christian Counseling Center. This counseling center is dedicated in providing Christ-centered professional mental health care to those who are dealing with a variety of difficulties.
The A & M Christian Counseling Center is a counseling and prevention ministry. We strive to provide individuals, couples, and families with an open and authentic experience for change. We hope and pray that your journey with us will be driven by the acknowledgement that changes of the heart are created through the willingness to invite God into the difficult times. This counseling center is a ministry of counseling that seeks to serve Bryan / College Station and surrounding areas.
If you are currently seeking help, please call or email us so that we may assist you during this time of your life. For more information or to schedule an appointment call 979-703-1808 or info@amchristiancounseling.com

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How to love a porcupine

Our spouses often need our affection most when they are in their least lovable state. What is it that makes a person turn into an angry, critical, offended monster in marriage? Though it can sometimes be traced to dynamics in the relationship, it often involves situational factors. Perhaps your spouse is feeling the pangs of […]


Biblical Discipline

More and more we live in a permissive culture where parents are reluctant to discipline their children. Many parents fear that their children will not like them. This concern is especially prevalent in divorced parents. Still other parents feel that it is important let their child “be himself” rather than restraining his natural impulses. Surely, […]

family sillouette


    The most common leadership role is that of parent. And what about marital leadership? Remarkably, many individuals are phenomenal leaders in the workplace, but dreadful leaders at home. Jesus should be our ultimate example of leadership. In Jesus, we see a ruler who serves and a servant who rules. We see the King […]