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books on forgiveness

Unpacking Forgiveness by Chris Brauns

Helps readers move beyond the wounds and baggage of bitterness, disagreements, and broken relationships.
“True or false: most Christian pastors and counselors agree on what forgiveness is and how it should take place.” This question is part of Chris Brauns’s Forgiveness Quiz that draws readers into his book and gets them thinking about the subject of forgiveness. The truth is, pastors and counselors disagree profoundly on this subject. Unpacking Forgiveness combines sound theological thinking and honesty about the complicated questions many face to provide readers with a solid understanding of biblical forgiveness.
Only God’s Word can unpack forgiveness. The wounds are too deep for us to find healing on our own, and the questions are too complex to be unraveled by anything but the wisdom of God. This book goes beyond a feel-good doctrine of automatic forgiveness, balancing the beauty of God’s grace and the necessity of forgiveness with the teaching that forgiveness must take place in a way that is consistent with justice.

Choosing Forgiveness: Your Journey to Freedom by Nancy Leigh

Far from minimizing the hurt of the offense, readers are called to understand the offering forgiveness and letting go of bitterness is the only way to walk in faithfulness.  Drawing on Biblical teaching of our call to forgive, the author shows the reader that forgiveness is a choice – and the only pathway to true freedom.

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