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celebrate recovery

To get started in celebrate Recovery, just show up. Where,you may ask? Simply use this site to find the Bryan/College Station Meeting days/times that work for you using the navigation links at the top of the page.

Ready For Something Different
Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered and Bible-based 12 Step Recovery Program. The purpose is to focus on Gods healing power through fellowship with others. By working the 12 Steps and the 8 Beatitude Principles, issue groups open up, share experiences, and explore hope. In this way, we become willing to accept Gods grace in solving our problem.

Who Need’s Celebrate Recovery

Anyone can participate in Celebrate Recovery:
Anyone ready to start a new life
The churched and the un-churched
Men and women
The addicted and their families
The guilty, sad, or compulsive
Anyone in need of recovery
So anyone & everyone

How Does Celebrate Recovery Work
This tried and proven recovery system uses the traditional methods of issue groups, sponsors, accountability partners, and special occasions to build recovery for those struggling with addictive habits, codependency, childhood hurts, and other life experiences that affect our peace. In Celebrate Recovery groups, the walking wounded study, pray, share, and take the steps necessary to experience a better life.

Life’s Healing Choices
Fall Semester – Life’s Healing Choices (Small Group)
Hope for this Study: Everyone has an issue that holds them back from being fully committed to Christ. When we really look at the Beatitudes we can begin to see them as one of God’s pathways to wholeness, growth, and spiritual maturity.

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